Qatar Balloon Festival takes the celebrations up to the skies over Doha. We want people to experience the joy of flying in a hot air balloon. The organizers with support from Qatar Tourism have put in place a special promotion that will provide you a chance to tick-off flying in a hot air balloon from your bucket list.

You will be able to book a balloon flight between 7th of December 2023 and 18th of December 2023 for a subsidized price of QAR 499 per person. Limited seats are available and they are sold through our exclusive partner

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Terms & Conditions

  • The ticket is not refundable and the flight can only be rescheduled by the organizer if the planned flight is canceled for any reason (weather, airspace restrictions, technical, etc.)
  • This ticket is for a 30 – 45 minute sunrise balloon flight

Participant guidelines

  • Minimum age: 8 years old. Passengers under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • A balloon flight is an off-the-ground, air sport activity. Passengers and any participants in ballooning activities must adhere to the safety measures, precautions, guidelines, and Safety brief instructions the Pilot communicates.
  • Passengers must be physically able to climb into the basket using foot holes provided, stand unassisted for 1 hour, and adopt the seated landing position
  • Please note: you will be part of a small group of 6 to 18 passengers
  • Those who are pregnant or have recently undergone major surgery are unable to fly
  • Spectators are welcome to watch the preparation and take-off. Please note that most launch sites do not have toilets or other amenities
  • The experience content, equipment used and restrictions may vary according to location
  • Our Pilots are licensed by the authorities. They are professionally trained and experienced and therefore are fully in charge of the supervision guidelines to be exercised upon pre- flight, in-flight, disembarkation, and post – flight safety in and around the balloon zone vicinity.


  • This experience is available in the morning only, from January to March with some regional variations. You will be asked to be at the designated take-off/ assembly location at least 45 minutes before planned departure. Failure to arrive on time will result in considering your ticket consumed.
  • All bookings are subject to suitable weather conditions. Actual flight times vary depending on the time of year.
  • In the very rare instance of an Emergency, Remain Calm and kindly take full instruction to safety from the Pilot

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